We, Assam Gas Company Limited, are engaged in the transportation and distribution of Natural Gas to industrial, commercial and domestic customers for use as a source of energy and raw material. We are also selling Compressed Natural Gas, a green fuel, to automotive sector. Our commitment is to meet the requirements of our customers, ensure protection of environment and occupational health and safety of our personnel and external service providers. We, in this direction, intend to:

  • Develop objectives to monitor and measure our performance with respect to quality of our products and services; environmental management for preventing pollution; occupational health and safety issues and periodically review and revise the objectives to meet the changing requirements;
  • Meet all applicable legal requirements and compliance obligations;
  • Enhance customer satisfaction;
  • Improve our performance of applicable environmental requirements;
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks as well as carry out need based consultation with our personnel on relevant issues
  • To achieve sustainable continual improvement.

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Kindly mail ur complain/ grievances to presidingofficericc@assamgas.org

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