Assam Gas Company Limited is committed to delight its customers, safeguard the environment and ensure safety and security of people & properties while doing the following business activities :-

  • Transportation and distribution of Piped Natural Gas to industrial, commercial and domestic customers;
  • Retailing of Compressed Natural Gas and
  • Retailing of Petroleum Products.

We shall demonstrate our commitments through:-

  • Setting, monitoring, measuring and improving quality, environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) objectives for products and processes;
  • Meeting all applicable regulatory requirements and compliance obligations;
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction;
  • Improving our performance of applicable environmental requirements;
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks;
  • Need based consultation with relevant stakeholders and
  • Continual improvement of quality, environmental and OHS performance and management system effectiveness

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Kindly mail ur complain/ grievances to presidingofficericc@assamgas.org

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